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About No Flash Ink

No Flash Ink provides original custom artwork for your desired tattoo! Morgan May, the resident tattoo artist and owner, started tattooing in 2006. Morgan has been drawing most of his life dating back to his days as a toddler. Throughout a better part of his life his artistic focus has been on super heroes and comic book work, the anatomy, digital art and tattoo design. Although different this focus helped him develop a style that he applied as he began tattooing in 2006.

Morgan did not go through the common apprenticeship but rather trained himself to tattoo. He spent a year practicing and honing the craft on himself before he took the needle to a client; his own tattoos speak to his work. Morgan started with cover-ups and retouches and then moved into original custom tattoos. He took a brief hiatus in 2011 because of another job at that time. Shortly after, he picked up the machine again and tattooed in his spare time and has kept on.

Morgan's philosophy about tattooing is simple but meaningful. "Each tattoo should be an original piece of artwork!" With this simple concept he decided to create No Flash Ink which does not offer flash art for a tattoo. Everything is original and any flash images you find in his shop are of his own. Morgan is willing to work with any tattoo design idea you have and make it a permanent part of you. He specializes in custom color pieces but is also well versed in traditional, neo-traditional, neo Japanese, black and grey and new school.

At No Flash Ink we want to bring your tattoo ideas to life!

Contact us with your comments or questions, and read more about our mission below!

Our Values

MISSION: At No Flash Ink we are dedicated to providing a memorable and exciting tattoo experience. This is accomplished through quality tattoo work and attention to the individual care of our clients.

It is imperative that each experience remain unique and personal, at the same time we understand that clients evolve and each individual is different. We care strongly about providing a comfortable environment that is clean and inviting. At No Flash Ink we strive to continuously exceed your expectations so that you are confident you received the best tattoo possible.

VISION: Our vision is to provide quality tattoos in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment; also to have a business that encourages, promotes and receives repeat business from our clientele.


We are practiced in a wide range of styles

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Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Hours: Wed - Fri 1pm to 8pm, Sat & Sun 11am to 8pm

2985 B W 29th Street, Greeley, CO, 80631 USA